Signs To Watch Out For If You Smoke Cigarettes.

“Its your body, love it as if your life depended on it.”

Lung cancer is a scary life changing experience. 15 signs you need to to check with your doctor for lung cancer, or any other diseases caused by Smoking Cigarettes. 

#1. Restlessness. Its normal for us all to have day when we’re tired and don’t feel like doing anything. But there’s a fine line of not wanting to along side of can’t do. Smoking causes many health issues, and when its had the best of you, you’ll be left feeling drained. Call a doctor, take action.

#2. Extreme Coughing/chocking. If your coughing up a storm, and chocking on your own words. Get it checked out as soon as possible, and on the more extreme side when having a couching spout with blood coming from your throat, or inside of your mouth, seek medical attention soon. Quitting Smoking is difficult, but for the love of God, please don’t put yourself through this.

#3. Little to no oxygen. If when you walk across the room, and feel light headed, dizzy, or can’t breath. This is a big indicator that you need to stop smoking and find a doctor to help you.

Finding what works for you when deciding to Quit Smoking Cigarettes.

There many many options for quitting smoking. There’s a reason and some of the indicators above are why doctors and people that love you want you to put cigarettes in the past. Find what works for you by speaking to a therapist, doctor, or someone you trust. Reach out and find help now, before needing help won’t be a choice but a nessesity. Choose to quit smoking now, so you have a choice for tommarow.

Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the united states. You can deny you’ll ever get it lung cancer from smoking, or deny anything will happen from cancer of lungs, mouth, skin etc.. All the way to loss of hair, teeth, nails, and life. Deny it all you want, but so did everyone who has and had to go through losing more then they could ever gain from smoking cigarettes. Ask any one who has survived the terrible deseases if they wish to have quit to save never having to spend countless hours, dollars, tears and pains on cemo therapy. Choose a Smoke Free, healthy, and happy lifestyle.

You can do anything you want its your body, your life. Love it as if your life depended on it.

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