What is Anti Cigarettes?

Anti Cigarettes is a online portal that offers support and information for those trying to quit one of the deadliest habit in the world.

You will find useful information to stop smoking anticigarettes.com provides helpful articles, quit smoking cigarettes e-books, stop smoking tips guides, video counseling to quit or group support.  Anticigarettes.com also is written by authors who have gone through the process of quitting smoking themselves.  So we don’t come from a holier then thou attitude.  We understand how hard it is to quit smoking cigarettes.  We will cover proven methods and alternative quit smoking methods.   Good luck on your journey of quitting smoking.

Who’s Behind It? Meet the Team.

Quit Smoking Community was co-founded by Sean and Mia. Where also hoping that others will join the community as we plan to offer social groups, quit smoking apps and shared calendars.

The Tobacco Truths

  • Tobacco takes the lives of approximately 6 million people  worldwide, every year.
  • 400,000 of those tobacco related deaths happen in the United States alone.
  • Of those 400,000 tobacco related deaths, 41,000 of them are non-smokers with heavy, long-term exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Smoking is a habit that ends up killing half of its users, yet over 10% of the US population (33 million people) report smoking every single day.
  • Tobacco related illnesses rack up $133 BILLION in direct healthcare costs every year.

This isn’t just a small issue, this is an epidemic.

What We’re Working On

Cell Phone Quit Smoking Apps
Social Walls For People Quitting To Share
The Quit Smoking Forum
The Quit Smoking Journal and Calendar
Articles from the Founders and the community.