Is Anxiety Holding You Back From Quitting Smoking?


The reason anxiety is so hard to explain, is because everyone experiences anxiety for different reasons and at very different levels. It all depends on who you are. So this is part of the first step when trying to break smoking addiction: 

  • Identifying what causes you to have anxiety. 

 My experience with anxiety disorder has been a long and never ending process, Now i’ve come a long way after studying myself. I first started smoking cigarettes when I was only 8 years old. I would ask people why they smoked and there answers created an illusion connecting somewhere that this is going to help me feel better period. I had and rarely have a fear of rejectiono of course there’s so much more but rejection was the core. It came out in grade school, but it wasn’t grade school that caused me to have these feelings. I believe, it came from my younger of being abandoned by my parents and within the years built up as I grew and it got worse as I got older, because i didn’t know why I felt that way and would of rather just went on to be alone and not have to face it. Hence turning to smoking cigarettes, and any quick feel OK fix.

Finding someone you trust to confide in.

My boyfriend. He was meant to be in my path for every good reason I can think of. He’s helped me feel confident, opened my eyes to my own potential, gave me the truth. And of course buddied up with me to quit smoking together. Non the less it was hard, he often times didn’t know what to do and felt as if he were running in circles. But confiding in someone you trust and know they have the best interest for you is very important, you’ll notice just talking about it makes you feel better and help you realize more about yourself by hearing it stated rather then internally letting it eat you up inside, making your smoking habit even worse.  Even counseling, especially when pining down and understanding where your anxiety is coming from. 

Face Your Fears

Now that your aware of what causes you to have anxiety. Write down the times you can remember feeling anxious.  Find out why certain things you want no part of but in your mind dream about doing or saying. Or carry the journal or use your notes on your phone and when you feel anxiety and an urge to escape to smoke cigarettes to get your mind off of it, try to instead look at your surroundings look at what’s causing you to shut down. Facing your fears. 

Lastley, Don’t Give Up.

How many job interviews did you show up to and you sat outside chain smoking worrying about what could go wrong and  before you know it, or if you stay because your afraid people will look at you if you walk out so you sit until youre called and you immediately go in because that’s what your “suppose” to do. You get in there and now suddenly you forgot your name or what job you were even being interviewed for. Or getting the job…. That’s something to be excited about right? Anxiety comes from the core, how you see yourself. When I say don’t give up, what I am saying is when you have those days where you can’t control your anxiety and you smoke cigarettes non-stop because its the only thing you know that makes you feel better for a moment. Just remember that no madder how many times you fall, each time you will stand back up. Remember everything I said, work on building yourself up to who you know you are, don’t worry about the minds of others, worry about loving you.

You are going to be OK, you are going to quit smoking, you are going to start to see yourself for who you are, not what you think others think you are, you are going to stop bad habits and break free from addiction. Believe in yourself and the world around you won’t be as scary to think about.  Sign up for our newsletter for more articles on overcoming addiction by finding what causes you most to continue smoking cigarettes.




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