Are You Smoking Your money?


Are you smoking your money?

The answer is yes, the cost of smoking cigarettes just keep jumping up. We ran a home test and came up with our results. I encourage you to do the same if you ever want to see the results of how much your life can change after you quit smoking. This is what we did-

Every week my boyfriend and I walk to the store, we love walking and the distance is perfect. We pick up cigarettes, everyday and during our walk back home one day, we were complaining about how smoking cigarettes has become a financial issue. So we came up with a plan and decided to see just how much money we could be saving by eliminating the same amount we spent on cigarettes into a jar, so every time we bought a pack of smokes the same amount was put into a jar and put away.

Our results- 

After one week: We spent a total of 91$ all on 2 packs one for each of us every day. Omg! We were shocked.

After One month: A total of 400$ was spent one us smoking our money.

When we think of this it truly is a finical burden, and if you decide to quit smoking, here are some fun savings ideas to really see what a big difference it makes, reward yourself by not only quitting cigarettes but using the money for yourself on things you’d enjoy. Do this-  After you quit smoking, put the same amount of money everyday you spent money to buy cigarettes, put it away and dont touch it, use it for things like emergencies, monthly play date, 6 months buy yourself a new car, or a dream vacation in one year, pay off your mortgage, just be creative. Quit smoking your money and actually not only feel but see the change.

Lastly don’t forget when you do finally have a smoke free life, encourage others to do the same. Help everyone gain finacal freedom, health, control and life back. When you have it all, remember the good feelings it brought and get others feeling good about the success and changes, this is, goal and we are here for you all.

Love, from someone who has been there.

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