Become Wealthy Or Die Smoking

                   Is that smoke I smell???

“No, it’s just a whole burning in my pocket.”

For those of you who have heard the saying, from an    ant-cigarette campaign, tell you the statistics of the money spent on buying tobacco products, could have been a brand new mustang convertible, and the sarcastic remark, “Well then where is your mustang convertible?”

I can understand, people will spend there money on anything, some buy cigarettes, some buy snack cakes, either way it doesn’t make the facts disappear. -Well I came up with my own example: 

Here is your fixed monthly income:$3,000 (NOTE: It does not madder if you make less or more, the point will still stand) 

House Hold= 1 mom, 1 dad, 1 kid, 1 dog.


  • Mortgage/rent,utilities,electric= 1,300= (1,700 left over.)
  • Car insurance= $250= (1,450)
  • House/kids/food/dog=  500= (950)
  • Cigarettes= $112=$838
  • Gas= $300=$538

$583.00 left over for the whole month to do whatever with that’s awesome, but you forgot something….. You never quit smoking, which has led you to outstanding medical bills, bank overdraft fees, and so on……

But $112.00 is not that much, I get that… But Lets look at it long term. In a year that is $4,928, you can save for a vacation, or giving to those in need. 112 dollars may seem small to you but its a treasure to some. If you quit smoking and save as much as you spend each month, just think, long term you’ll be happy you did it. Everyone can agree, you can get rich or die smoking. Yes getting rich adds up if you do it right, same goes for anyone who buys things they don’t need or ever will need, if people saved there money, they can save themselves and others a world of hurt. 

If you want to someday get out of debt from paying your mortgage, car payments, medical bills, credit cards, overdraft, anything. You can someday, if you just save the money you use to buy things you don’t need, you can have financial freedom. If you continue smoking cigarettes, your money wont madder as much to you, as the possibility of losing your life, leaving your family in debt till they die, or worse getting someone you love sick from second hand smoke….

Don’t risk it quit today. 

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