California Raises Legal Age To Buy Cigarettes

June 9th 2016 California changes legal age from 18 to 21 to buy tobacco products….

This includes vaporizers, California is the second state, after Hawaii, to change the legal age for buying cigarettes from 18 to 21. Many people have wondered whether or not the one who were already 18 would be grandfathered in or not. Well they are not grandfathered in, but military personnel are.  Everyone has there own opinions and with that, there are probably some angry, irritated 18-21 year old adults, who all of a sudden out of nowhere cant walk into a tobacco shop (at all) or gas station and walk out with a pack of smokes.  The senate of California who proposed that this law be passed had a really good proposal and the changes it will make are a huge difference. 

Its been reported that the senator hopes to drop the tobacco consumption  for teen users, because a lot of teens get their products from their friends who are 18 and could legally buy them for them. It also will also give young adults the opportunity to allow there brains to develop properly in these few years of growth. One college teen stated that, he was only a social smoker to begin with, and being that he can no longer buy cigarettes, he is happy that this will increase his ability to just cut back completely. Others think it won’t make much of a change for the ones who already smoke. They think people who smoke will continue to do so regardless of the fact. For someone who has already smoked cigarettes,  for 2 -1/2  years and walking into a store then being told, “you can no longer buy tobacco for another 6 months”, this can be a bit hard for some people to accept, especially if they’re addicted. Although I am pleased to hear about the change in law and making a difference is important,

It does bring me to one concern…. 

Vaporizers are now being categorized as a tobacco product. So vaping is also illegal for people ages 18-21. That taking away the option of  switching over and using vape instead, cutting back on nicotine consumption, a little at a time making  the withdrawals and quitting process easier. But this one concern is so small compared to the huge difference it’s going to have on so many peoples lives. 

Not only are tobacco products being pushed up in legal age, it’s becoming more and more socially and legally, unacceptable everywhere we go. Town squares, colleges, parks, hospitals. If you’re caught smoking cigarettes in any of these public places, you will be fined a pretty big penny. Yes it’s a good change for the state of  California, and soon the rest of the states to come. 

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