Cold Turkey And Quitting Smoking

It’s possible, it is very much so.                                   Is it likely, maybe not as much~

There are many people who have quit smoking cold turkey right off the get go, they set it down and walk away, never to think or need they want one again. These people are warriors, they have something I didn’t have.       Do I really know what it is? I like to think I do, I mean having the will-power to do it is what brought them to do it but, I have will-power, yet I still struggle? 

So I asked my granny the one who walked away, what her secret was and if she really just forgot about it and moved on after 20 years of strait cigarette smoking. She told me,                                                                                           (“When I got pregnant, That is when I walked away, Yes, I had with-drawls but my love for my children always helped me through struggles, From the beginning of there creation, to my end.” )

So granny got pregnant, and quit smoking….                 That doesn’t help, I thought, I’m not pregnant nor do I have children. Well one day out of the blue, the memory of what she said came back to me…. (My love for another helped me through the struggle.)…. Of course, I didn’t have children or was baring a child but to love another. I love my family, my boy friend, my home, my environment, the best things in life weren’t the luxuries, or temporary fixes. the best things in life are carried through love, and love concurs all.

So quitting smoking cold turkey, might be harder but if you attach the things you love, and find a reason. It will be much easier. Walking away wont be easy but when you now in your heart you have a good damn reason, it will be worth every step… If you want to walk away from cigarettes, with no worries, just focus your eyes on your heart for the guide.

For those of you who might want a little help, and quitting cold turkey just doesn’t cut the turkey. Then go ahead and read some more of my articles, for support and sign up for our newsletter. Best of wishes to all you warriors.



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