Crazy Ways To Quit Smoking Cigarettes.

Have you ever thought maybe just maybe you were born a little weirder or unusual then the normal crowd? Well fellow reader, this is simply not an unusual thing, we are all different and unique in our own ways, some people may seem like a hard copy of the rest but deep within ourselves we are all different. Not one person is the same, just think about it…..There are millions of humans and not one human has the same fingerprint as another. 

So when you decide to quit smoking you alternately need to find what works best for you, and for all your crazy weird people out there, like myself here are some crazy weird and maybe disturbing ways to quit smoking. Have fun reading, subscribe to our newsletter and let me know if these work or if you have any other crazy idea let me know! Thank you enjoy 🙂

Odd ways to quit smoking number 1- Break your cigarette completely in half, throw whichever half you want away. Note: Personally if you want to quit make it less enjoyable and throw the half with the filter on it away, I mean you could always just roll cigarettes but that takes to much time. LOL —- Anyways by doing this you are cutting back how much nicotine you consume and you are tasting the glory of the tobacco, filled with rat poison, nail-polish remover, etc… I really hope it makes you so sick you quit.

Smoke free weirdo way #2-  Eat chips as much as you can grab a hand full and devour them every time you want a cigarette, the salt will help your craving, note anything salty will help curb your craving for a cigarette, it makes our mouths dry, so smoking can be not so enjoyable.

Crazy Daisy Way # Threesy- It is easy peasy to quit smoking. Peppermint, gum, tea, oils, incense anything peppermint will help you quit smoking, try peppermint gum but use tea and oils to help as well. Using peppermint creates a fresh clean and happy you, making you want to smell good and taste good, its psychologically brain twisting. It just may work for you.

Insanely awesome way numb 4-  For every pack of cigarette you buy throw the same amount spend in a jar, see how fast the jar fills up and how empty your wallet feels, Don’t touch the money in the jar until you decide smoking cigarettes isn’t worth it.

Unusual way number 5-  Sing Songs every-time you are smoking  doing this creates even less oxygen making you sick and maybe hearing yourself after being a smoker plus added if you cant sing a few times will make you want to quit, but keep singing until you do. Commit to it, I am telling you it just might work.

Fun/crazy way number 6-  Do jumping jacks,as many as possible keep jumping and jacking when you smoke- as you smoke -when you want to smoke.

nUMBER 7- Eat ice, yes this one has helped a lot of people, including myself. Eating ice when i craved cigarettes really curbed my craving and appetite for more food.

# 8- Look in the mirror and repeat to yourself, I will quit smoking, I am strong, I do not crave, I do not need, i do not want. To smoke anymore. Keep doing it until the feeling is gone and you feel POWER yes p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l Because it is a good feeling once you know you are in control.

9 #-  So you know that grumpy relative who always has something to say about your life and your health and  your everything, the one who always says, ” Why are you still smoking, you know that’s bad for you, you know what that can do to you, you know, so and so, got yellow teeth from the and your great great great ancestor from china got lung cancer from that.” Yes this relative you must give a call every time you continue to smoke, they will for one be flattered you are using them to help and will gladly keep up to date and make sure you never want another cigarette again lol…

Last 10-  Print off pictures of all the scary diseases smoking cigarettes does to you, Print the ones with the black tar on your lungs, go to the doctor have them take a picture of yours and see how they look, if they are bad, which sorry to say they probably look horrid, I would take those frame them and put them where you can see either on your dresser or up on the wall. Remind yourself what you might and are doing to yourself.

Anyways hope some of these will help. Goodnight, good day, good life.Quit cigarettes.

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