What Diseases Can You Get From Smoking Cigarettes?

In our country  alone Smoking Cigarettes is one of the leading causes of deaths. Smoking results in many diseases, heart problems, and cancer. The types of diseases include:

  • COPD: This disease is when you have trouble breathing and it gets worse with time. Smoking is the most common cause for those who develop this disease. COPD is what makes the air flow through your lungs out your mouth/nose a lot more difficult. The conditions that co-side with COPD is, Emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.

Emphysema damages your air sockets, chronic bronchitis creates mucus in your throat and lungs resulting in very bad breathing problems. 

  • Lung Cancer is the growth of tumors in your lungs, there is no time limit on how fast they grow and it takes extreme care from a specialist to cure it, sometimes people make it and sometimes, time runs out…

The number of deaths each year from lung cancer around the world around 1,400. 

If you’re here reading about what diseases might come from smoking, my advice to you is, do not take statistics to heart when dealing with such a habit, quitting smoking never happens because people think it will never happen to them, every single smoker who thought that got it, some didnt but some did. Do you want to be one of those people who never quit smoking and ended up closing the door to life because of some addiction you could have quit way long before? Love yourself enough to not take a chance. Find help by-

  1. Talking to a doctor or someone you trust will help when trying to quit or if you are just unsure what to do or take or try out.
  2. Being with your family is important, or the people you love, if your introverted then with something that makes you feel happy, safe and comfortable. 
  3. Nicotine replacements, lie nicotine gum, the patch, natural remedies, tips and tricks….. You can find a bunch of our here on our website. Take a look, you ever know if you might find something to help you.
  4. Finally make sure you are ready, meditate on it, and when the thought strikes dont let it go, dont give in and do not ever give up!!!

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