E-Cig Is The New CIG

*Quote-“E-CIG is the best smoking alternative known to man”*  

E-CIG is the new cigarette. Quitting Smoking never made easier. The invention itself sells itself. I don’t have to tell you how great it is, for you to already believe it is. I’m excited to finally find an alternative, that I can use and enjoy. 

Why I love E-Cigarettes so much and why I can’t wait for you to to know why_

#1. It’s not going to kill me someday or cause me any pain or suffering. You can use E-cigs without a worry.

#2. They are made to help you quit smoking, and help you gradually decrease nicotein craving. There’s different levels of how much nicotein you put in, when a plan is set in stone just by following your plan decreasing the nicotine levels until you reach 0% nicotein, and you can still enjoy Vaping with no addiction attached.

#3. They smell and taste delightful, any flavor you want. You can find it, if its not made yet, I garenteee it will be. Flavors range from- Mint, Chocolate, ice-cream, sour, fruity, and many more. They even have a flavor for the Cigarettes you like, leaving the scent out.

#4. It’s Eco-Friendly no one including my self has anything to look down on anyone for vaping. It doesn’t hurt anyone or cause any health risks like blowing secondhand smoke does when the oxygen people breath is contaminated. It’s not destroying our environment causing the world to burn. So far it’s harmless and by far a justice is already prevailing.

#5. The cost is an investment worth making, when choosing an alternative to smoking cigarettes. The E-Cig lasts forever if taken care of correctly. The liquid lasts a long time, depending on how much you cap, which in this case its so much fun and taste so good you will have to discipline yourself not to use it constantly, even when used constantly, the cost of cigarettes alone will break you financially by a landslide next to the E-cig. Thinking about it long-term, what smoking cigarettes does to your body causing medical issues needing attention will bring medical expenses and possibly putting you in debt. E-Cig long term will leave you with none.

The E-Cig is yet to show any serious problems, if you’re worried talk to a professional. I just love the alternative so much and refuse to believe it could even anywhere near be worse then Smoking Cigarettes. Quit Smoking today! Get your E-Cig here on anticigarettes.com   Sign up for our newsletter for more on E-cigs and much more. 

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