The future Of Tobacco Products

‘The Future is not as far away as it seems’

      The huge Wide-Spred, in the world we live in today, has most certainly come a very very long way. Technology is blooming into a flower containing knowledge of past ignorance revealing what we thought vs what it really is.    The history of tobacco, was nearly harmless before today’s time. Mostly for the FAQ- “Before Tobacco was purley, tobacco, today tobacco products have become toxic and deadly.” For they are made with chemicals to preserve them so they’ll last longer, add color, add addictive habit forming toxins, all for the dollar. And it has worked, but for how much longer?

Obtaining Information is key to becoming aware of what is going in the world and with technology, finding information about anything has become very convient and easy. Finding a way to Quit Smoking is easier then ever, open up Chrome, FireFox, or any internet providin that you use, Go to the internet Browser type in, what you are looking for, and BAM. Thousand Upon Thousands Of web-sites, providing you with the knowledge and resources you need to accomplish whatever you want. Including information on what’s in a cigarette, how nicotine affects the brain, what is going on in the world caused by tobacco smoke. Now the future of smoking cigarettes, A theory in which I have come to find with the research I have done. Soon enough hopefully, we will all be smoke free, the tobacco business will be nothing but a past failure/learning experience in our history books. We will have to force ourselves to quit smoking, for the sake of being alive. Starting with our environment, from all the chemicals it is frightening. Second hand smoke built up within our atmosphere, Sending certain animals to there extinction, the biodegradable cigarette butt is not disappearing overnight, just like the rest of the trash in the world, all floating around in our beautiful oceans killing sea creature and being swallowed by birds trying to survive. We can not keep destroying the beauty we have been put on earth to experience, if tobacco is capable of destroying enviorments, and killing animals, and already taking human lives. Then the future of smoking cigarettes, must be put to an end or we will be put to an end. If we continue the self destructive life styles, we won’t be make it to our future. Unless-

*Quit Smoking Now by usuing the New and Improved Smoking Alternative: Yes the one we have all been talking about-

The E-Cig- A wonderful example of technology creations, at its finest. I am proud to know that this is our hope and our future of smoking cigarettes. The alternative has already and will bring  much more gain. Stay around and witness the future blossom and see what the new age of human life brings, let the past go, so our future can grow. Put Smoking Cigarettes in the history books, and get yourself a new age E-Cig.

  -Quitting Smoking never made easier.

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