The Goverment Wants You To Quit Smoking

The Gov.wants us to quit smoking?

It’s not a secret that the government has access into peoples lives in there minds everyday, technology has bloomed since this century took over. They use social media, to program beliefs, sell you lies, feed you nonsense. BUT-

I cannot lie when I say that I agree with what they are doing now, when it comes to shaming people into feeling guilty for smoking, or making it more and more apparent that wherever you go, they will seize the day that you try and smoke (anywhere) publicly. This is justice, this is faith in humanity being restored. Oh but it’s a free country? Since when did being free involve taking advantage of the world/home we all live and share?

I noticed a few years ago, Smoking down-town on the square was illegal,  and people would get fined. I wasn’t aware that they would take it that far, but today I have noticed some of the things being broadcast for the world to see with millions of like and shares. America is making a law that it will be illegal for anyone to smoke cigarettes in the car with there children. Bless that day. 

We dont live in the good ole days, anymore and some of you might dread that, some of yo wish you could go into a resturant, school, hospital, anywhere and smoke your cigarettes in any public setting, some of you are still ignorant to the facts of what smoking does and that it does in fact kill people. Second hand smoke has proven to be worse then first hand. It is not your place to decide if someone should have to breath in your poison. 

Ignorance is bliss, believe me, I know. But when you wake up one day in sheer udder pain from a collapse lung, or when you grow older and you get to see your grand babies for the first time, soon only to realize because you smoked cigarettes your life has been shaved to less then anyone would hope for on themselves or another. Wake up people! The world is falling at feet and tearing at our finger tips. Quit Smoking, Quit being ignorant, quit pretending lie everything will be ok, because you do not know! You can be happy but dont be stupid.


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