Guide to help to stop smoking cigarettes

So you want to quit smoking but you have no idea what plan you should take or where you should start.  In this article I’m going to provide some ideas and resources to give you a picture on what you might be interested in giving a try.

  1. Cold turkey: There is always the old fashion use your strong will quit cold turkey technique, It’s known as the most effective and anyone can do it if they only put there mind to it. The downfall of this is the withdrawal effects, irritability,sadness,depression, anxiety,etc… So for those of you who can quit cold turkey you are very strong willed and i applaud you on being able to do it without any help from products or doctors.
  2. Niccorette Gum: Highly effective for those who have a nicotine addiction and for some just needing to have something in there mouth. Nicotine gum is over the counter, they can be found in any of your supermarkets,grocery stores, pharmacies. They’re cost friendly and highly recommended for anyone trying to quit smoking, especially teen smokers.
  3. Patches: Quitting smoking with the patch has been a very successful resource for smokers on there journey to becoming smoke free.  The patch slowly leaks nicotine into your system through your skin, It doesn’t taste like anything it doesn’t leave you with the withdrawal effect of quitting. You can wear it  up to 24 hrs, it is a thin clear patch. Recommended if you want medication that isn’t orally inserted. Over the counter or ask Doctor.
  4. Nicotine lozenges: Given orally  There is always the option of Nicotine lozenges, It looks like candy and releases nicotine into your body as it dissolves in your mouth. This is also found over the counter.
  5. Nicotine Inhaler: Given orally, The nicotine inhaler is a cartage on a mouth piece and given to  the user only a specific amount of nicotine.  Prescription, ask your doctor.
  6. Nasal spray: A pump bottle spayed into your nose, and  releases nicotine. Prescription.

Reviews coming soon.

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