Helping You Quit Smoking

My own experience-

 Product reviews:  

First off I tried almost everything, not every brand but I have tried  as many as I could get a hold of or had the knowledge of. Here is a list of some of them:

  1. Nicorette Gum- Yuck, yuck and more yuck. I honestly did not give this much of a chance because my first and last piece tasted like something i never tried before but i didn’t like it, plus it smelled weird and burned my throat.
  2. E-cig- When i first tried the e-cig it was new on the market, the gas stations spld them but little did i know then how much better they would have gotten. I gave up on those as well until( the new age vaporizers  came out and changed my life), but before I found vaping I tried some more stuff-
  3. Nicotine patch-  This would have definitely worked if i realized i had a mouth fixation, if i found something to work with the patch i guarantee it would have helped me quit smoking permanent. 
  4. Natural remedies- I have a few articles up on the remedies I’ve grown to find and yes they help you quit smoking but they also help with so many other things. Also explained in other articles. (NOTE: Sign up for our newsletter for more articles) Ps. Id love to have you on our team.)
  5. Therapy- I only tried two therapies (HYPNO, ACUPUNCTURE),…….. Getting hypnotized was always a silly thing just like magic, or anything. It didn’t work for me, but its because i believed it wouldn’t so i didn’t allow it. – I have been hypnotized since then for different reasons- So if i were to go back with the same mind set as i have now maybe it would have worked… Acupuncture was a no go, hell no. One needle in I cried like a baby. So not recommended, if you’re afraid of needles.

Thank you and come again for more articles and support. WE LOVE YOU <3

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