The History Of Tobacco Products

Before the Europeans came from, Spain, France, and Italy to North America. The American Indians grew tobacco. The Native Americans often, but not everyday would use a pipe to smoke tobacco for religious and medication purposes. Tobacco is the first crop in North America grown for marketing.

 Tobacco is prepared from the leafs from the tobacco plant . The plant is part of the Nicotiana, Solanaceae (nightshade) family. More then 70 species of tobacco are known. Though, There’s more potent variant N. rustica being used all around the world. Tobacco contains a stimulant called alkaloid nicotine, which is stimulating to the senses. Dried tobacco leaves are mostly used for smoking cigarettes, pipe, cigars , and the shisha tobacco They can be also consumed as chewing tobacco, dipping, snuff and snus.

The use of tobacco products are a huge risk factor for causing many diseases, of the heart, liver, and lungs. Also an additional cause for cancers. Tobacco has become the worlds largest cause for preventable death. Smoking Cigarettes a few decades ago might have saved you then. Although, doing so in this generation because, Living in the United States at least, founded in a new research they blame changes in the design of cigarettes being fueled specifically for lung cancer. Up and over half of the cases, of caused death being lung cancer from cigarette smoking related. Over 15% of U.S pedestrians, 40 million of them, are smoking.

Believe it or not, smoking is the leading causes of death in the united states today.

  • The average smokers die 13-14 years before nonsmoker’s.
  • Peoples with disabilities have an increased chance of passing away by a 2 years difference then others.
  • For every person who doesn’t die from smoking, at least 20 more people suffer from one serious illness from smoking cigarettes.

Help for those trying to quit 

Quitting Smoking will increase your health by a land slide, if you already have health issues smoking can decrease your chances of getting better. Also for those whom have other difficulty quitting because of the replacement being food, or unhealthy sugar intake, I would recommend first planning a new diet and following. Along with exercise! For those who use smoking as a coping mechanism, due to anxiety and depression, it is wise that they find outsource help to help them without sending them down the river with failure and self destructive behaviors.

So helping people quit smoking varies from person to person, but for everyone a huge difference will start by changing other bad habit, and over all taking care of yourself. The body is a strong son of a gun and can handle just about anything but it still need taken care of, so when you get sick you can beat whatever is making you sick quicker. Just like drinking water is a necessity, so is making sure you are eating correctly, exercising your muscles, and definitely quit smoking and breath oxygen.

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