How To Get Motivated To Quit Smoking


Motivation is a powerful and essential trait to have to accomplish getting what you want. When you really really want something like lets say you have a crush on a boy, and of course as a person we love to love and be loved in return. So he is on your mind all the time, you’re trying to figure out ways to get him to notice you, you dress up, you surf the web to find out the best flirting tips and yadyadyada lol now that is motivation. You find what you want and you do everything you possibly can to get it. When you decide to quit smoking it is very very important to find your reason the reason will be your outcome. What you want from quitting smoking, you will have and you will stop at no cost to make sure you get it. So when you decide to quit smoking……

  • Get a journal, or download an app, or get a calendar. Make it visible so you can see everyday what your goals are and the plan and plan from A-Z so you have no reason to say you tried already, there is always new and different ways to accomplish getting what you want. Keep an open mind and nothing will stop you!
  • Stay active in your duties everyday. If you are using tips and tricks to quit smoking then use them, don’t slack and never give up.
  • Think positive, keep all the reasons you think you can’t do it out of your head and focus solely on why you can and why you want to.

Be active: Staying active and having something to do as constantly as possible is a very good and effective tool use to quit smoking. It can be finding a new hobby or sport, walking.

Save your cigarette money to treating yourself: When you count up how much you spend on cigarettes it is quite the number, When i was a smoker i bought 1 pack of cigarettes a day i spent 35 dollars in a week, 140 dollars in a month and 1,600$ in a year. Well if you wanted you can put 5dollars a day in a jar, save it and do something nice for yourself every month at the end of the month or save it for a year and go on a trip, or keep saving until you are able to buy something really nice or help give back, whatever you want. 5 dollars a day adds up. Add it up.

Do your research: Your body is a powerful tool. Maintaining your health is essential for you to carry out daily routines. Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of death in the U.S, lung cancer, numerouse diseases, shortness of breath, are all caused when you choose to smoke.

Keep your mind occupied: Try to meditate daily on staying positive  and completing your goals, motivation starts with mind over madder. You’re thoughts control your actions, changing your thinking patterns= motivation= quitting smoking= completing goal= changing your life and the life around you.


believe in yourself: Last but not least dont give up, keep moving forward. You feel you have failed repeat to yourself that you have no failed, you just found 10,000 reasons that did not work. Download an inspirational quote app if you have to and read them, quotes always help with everything.

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