Quitting Smoking when pregnant

Congratulation on a new asset to your family, and a double congrats on wanting to quit smoking, not only for yourself but for the growth and development of you baby.


Down below the video provided shows the risks and how it affects your unborn babies if you smoke during pregnancy.

Why smoking cigarettes is dangerous for your unborn baby.

Cigarette smoke contains poisons chemicals over 4,000. Some chemicals include:

  • Acetone, which is nail polish remover. (Note: In fact when pregnant you shouldn’t even apply nail polish.)
  • Acetic, Found in hair dye. ( Note: You shouldn’t even dye your hair when pregnant as well, if it’s that bad you cant even dye your hair, you probably shouldn’t smoke it.)
  • Ammonia, House hold cleaner.
  • Arsenic, Found in rat poison.
  • Benzene, Found in rubber cement.
  • Butane, lighter fluid.

So in saying that, you should never want to harm your child by consuming harmful and even deadly chemicals. The most serious cases when you choose to smoke during pregnancy are_

  • Miscarriage: Is when your baby dies before your baby dies before 24 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Stillbirth: Stillbirth is when your baby is dead after 24 completed weeks of pregnancy. Stillbirth is more common then you might think.
  • Premature: is when your baby early, causing low birth weight, possible mental and physical disabilities, or even death.

How will smoking cigarettes harm my baby?

Babies weight and size

_Smoking increases the chance of your child having low birth weight. Each cigarette you smoke makes it worse. If you smoke cigarettes your child is more than likely going to be underweight, 5 1/2 pounds and under.  On average a pack of smokes a day causes your unborn babies birth-weight to be half a pound lighter. 2 packs of cigarettes a day can cause your baby to be a full pound and even more underweight. It might  sounds good to you if you want a smaller child less pain during the baring process, but truth of the madder is it’s not good. It can cause serious lifetime consequences for your child.

 Babies health of body and lungs

_When a baby is in the mothers womb, It is a very fragile time for them, they are just growing and developing into a little tiny human like us. When smoke is being part of the growing process it can mess up a lot of things. The growing process is one big attribute and smoking causes the growing to slow and by the time your baby is ready to be born his or her lungs could be to small leaving them with mild and even severe breathing problems. When first born and there lungs are not fully developed they might have to stay on a repertory in the hospital for up to two weeks, and even then if it’s worse stuck on a breathing tube for the rest of there lives.

Babies heart

_ Your baby is more likely  to have heart issues if you’re a smoker. Anywhere from 20-70% higher chance.

Babies brain function

_Your babies brain function could be affected by smoking cigarettes. A lot of research has shown that mothers who smoke are more likely to have there child born with some sort of disability. Mothers who are addicted to smoking cigarettes and continue smoking are making it very hard for your child to not get addicted, addiction can star in on a baby just as it can on you if not worse.

I hope this article will help you realize what smoking can do to your child before he or she is born. Keep your head up and remember this is your baby you are harming if you don’t quit now. An article on how to quit smoking cigarettes when pregnant is on our page go check it out if you need help. thank you and the best of wishes for you and your baby.





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