How To Quit Smoking When Pregnant

How to quit smoking when pregnant……

can be simple for some and really really hard for others. In our previous article

,Will give you a pretty big difference in opinion on why you should quit smoking when prego, well at-least if you care about your child’s well-being, which i am sure you do. The wanting to quit and knowing why are the first step now onto how you do it. Here are some of the hard parts of quitting.

Addiction: A very real and hard thing to overcome. When you have been smoking for however many years and one day, you find out you’re expecting a baby, well after all of the excitement and shock you have, worries set in and of course a cigarette would normally be your main go to when life changes happen. Not this time you realize, wow i need to quit smoking and this is a very good thing to have running through your head when it boils down to it, your motherly instincts are already kicking in. Well smoking cigarettes and quitting cold turkey when pregnant might not be the best route to take, You might need some help. I would consult with your doctor about replacement therapy. Any alternative such as the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, natural remedies will be better than smoking. Note: Natural remedies would be the safest and also be very effective. We have a list of natural remedies on our website here.

Emotional stability: Being pregnant and trying to quit smoking is going to be a hard one, you’re going to be on the edge with emotions going wild. Making it very hard to be around, being around yourself will even be hard lol but my point is when you decide to quit for your baby it is a good thing just be prepared. A good way is to find your triggers and practice our tips and tricks to quitting smoking, try music and meditation. Be motivated and stay positive and always keep the baby on your mind and why you are baring the emotional pain, the beautiful life in you is thanking you for being smoke free.

Change up your environment

Clean clean clean get rid of the ashtray smell, throw your ashtrays away. Wash your sheets clothes, i mean a smoker or not you have a baby coming and you want your house baby proofed so clean up. Ask you family and friend not to smoke if your husband smokes ask him to quit with you or to please go somewhere else to do so. He will want to if he cares about you and the babies well-being.

Confide in someone

Find someone to talk to. Make sure you’re comfortable being with and able to tell them how you’re feeling, find someone who is willing to help and support you. Doing this will help you quit smoking and keep your emotional state a little better.



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