How to quit smoking zodiac signs


Each zodiac have a different and unique way of dealing and coping with certain things, I’m going to point out each signs way of coping and how they deal with life stress and how they can accomplish and overcome smoking addiction.

Aries: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, we like to call them the babies of the world, always having a child like wonder for things and always looking for new experiences. Now the downfall for these wonderful signs is they are not emotionally strong for they are just learning the tides of the world and what it brings. If you’re a aries and you smoke there could be multitude of reasons for why you started in the first place but the main reason is the smoking cessation and buz you get from it, You enjoy taking the scariest ride at any park not realizing the trouble that might be brought after, you live for the moment and in the middle of it all you realize you might have made a mistake and wish you had thought about it in the first place. For an aries quitting smoking, shouldn’t be very difficult. You are able to overcome any addiction as long as you have something to back it up and given enough motivation you’ll be able to drop cigarettes once and for all. You can do this my dear Aries, just like any other zodiac sign you have the option to learn from your mistakes and  better yourself in the long run. Dont give up quit smoking now.

Taurus: A Taurus is very stubborn, hard working and one of the most devoted signs in the zodiac circle. If a Taurus has there mind or heart set on something, by god it will be that way whether it is right or not, You can hang them up by there toes and threaten there life and you still wont be changing  a Taurus’s mind, But if given reasonable explanations and you come with open and accepting arms you have a better chance for a change in mind than any other approach. If you’re a Taurus it’s really up to you if you decide to quit smoking, you have enough will power to quit and if given support you will most definitely succeed, if you take the help in the first place. Good luck and choose wisely my friend.

Gemini: A Gemini is the charming, catch your eye, intelligent, and feisty one of the zodiac circle. They are very good at everything they do. They can be moody at time’s but there is always a reasonable explanation. Geminis are very competitive and rarely ever lose in battle, It’s quit difficult to win an argument, debate, sport or anything against them, for they are usually two steps ahead of you and already thought everything through, looking at every corner and every possibility, that you would never have a chance in the first place. If you’re a Gemini and you want to quit smoking, you are already on your way to success, when you want something you know just how to plan and achieve. No luck needed for you, shoot you are the luck, mind sparing some?

Cancer: A cancer is one of the most beautiful, emotional, caring, giving, and forgiving of the zodiacs. A cancer is always devoted to the things they love the most, there family always comes first and they will sacrifice themselves for the sake of seeing someone they love happy and doing well. The only downfall a cancer really has is they are so giving and so caring that they forget to look in the mirror and admire the beauty they hold and they dont treat themselves as much as they should. If a cancer is hurt they will hide in there shell and it takes a lot to make them feel they need to run for cover, so know if you push a cancer that far it is time to take a look at what you did and  apologize, just prepare for a lot of pulling to get them to come back out. If you’re a cancer and you are wanting to quit smoking, please take a long while and think about yourself for a change and take time to take the proper steps to have a smoke free environment. Even if it takes using the ones you love as your reason for quitting, at least your doing yourself a favor in the long run.

To Be continued …….


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