How to quit Smoking

PicsArt_12-31-04.47.18Lets face it smoking cigarettes can & does effect what goes on around us and within us. For those of us who smoke we tend to have excuses for why we started in the first place and why we think we just cant quit. If you’re visiting our page to learn how to quit smoking then you’re in the right place. First and foremost you have to want to quit smoking, you can learn how to quit, You’ll have the fullest benefits from it, you’ll gain your health, skin, social approval, and money all back. Find every reason for why you should quit, focus on them. When you finally decide to quit cold turkey, which i assume you have stating you’re here reading my blog on how to quit smoking cigarettes. I encourage you to take action as soon as possible. The question seems to always be in the back of our mind. Will i really be able to quit? Its a fear you have the power to overcome. is here to give you as much advice, support, tips and trick ect…; as we can so you can fulfill your quest on totally saying goodbye to cigarettes completely and getting back what you have lost.

The effects of smoking are godawful, The nicotine in a cigarette is a very addictive drug . So the process of quitting for good will differ between all of us, But not easy for any of us, dont lose hope! Now that you have decided to quit smoking, I want you to get prepared, Take notes, set reminders on your phone, come up with a reason that means the most to you. Maybe you noticed some changes in your breathing, you cant run anymore without losing breath within the first few steps, or your energy is just draining more and more after each cigarette, and you cant carry out daily activities like you use to. Are your teeth turning yellow? Or your hair looking lifeless? Is it you started smoking to gain  social acceptance and with each passing year you notice how unacceptable it has become and all of the health risks have really been and eye opener, you’re not only effecting yourself but secondhand smoke is sneaking into the air that the most important people in your life are breathing.

The  benefits of smoking are slim to none these days, its a horrible addiction. Thankfully there are tremendous amounts of options out there to help and support your decision. Nicotine Patches are one highly positively effective option to look into, It decreases the withdraw by slowly releasing nicotine into your body You can get these online or by asking your doctor. Nicotine patches can be a slow process for some and will take a lot of focus and control on your part don’t give up. There is always the option of medication, asking your doctor to work with you on finding the right medication or plan will be beneficial, your doctor will be pleased to assist.  Learning how to quit smoking and becoming a non-smoker all starts with you and the decision to commit. Star today.

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