How To Make Your Quit Smoking Planner

Quit Smoking Planner

“For everyone who has tried and failed, maybe it’s time you take action to get what you want! Having a solid plan, with back up of course, will do you much good. “

*Make your planner stand out* 

Make it pretty and pink, or orange and unique. 

Creating a quitting smoking planner, doesn’t have to be boring. If you can give life to your planner, you will enjoy it more  when giving life to your plan. So make your own planner, take some of these ideas, follow through and then hope and expect the best…………       Some Ideas:

  • For every task have a back up plan. For instance, if you cut back on half a pack a day from what you already smoke, make sure you have something to replace your cravings so you don’t give in to the just one more wont hurt devil. 
  • Making goals is important, in your quit smoking planner you should have- DAILY, WEEKLY, LONG TERM GOALS.                _So a daily goal example: Today I will look into finding some human supporters, for outsource, such as your doctor, therapist, friend, ect… 
  • Having all the resources you can think of so when one thing goes wrong you have another to fall back on. Remember we are all unique and something that helps someone else quit smoking might not help you. Plus we all have our own taste, likes and dislikes. Having as many replacement therapies, natural remedies, tips and tricks, will only bring a higher success rate. 
  • Reward Yourself- Let’s say you’ve cut back an entire half a pack from what you originally smoked, what you can do is take the money you save and write is down on your planner everyday, and take that money put it in a keep safe, then when you feel you have accomplished and are content so far with the results, reward yourself. Or just wait it out until you’re completely smoke free and take a huge reward for yourself. You make it this far you deserve a lot more then a pat on the back.
  • Write yourself encouragement notes, you had a slip up? Oh well tomorrow is a new day, don’t give up.

It wont be easy, but you can make it worth it.

Quit smoking. 

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