Phycological Reasons People Smoke Cigarettes

The reason people smoke varies, but maybe knowing why might help you overcome the addiction.

The main mental states I am going to be covering today are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety 

The reason for these is because they are very common and among the highest rate for people with mental disorders that smoke cigarettes or abuse for the sake of there sanity. I am one of those, I am not just someone who is talking about the struggle, I am living the struggle.

Before I begin, I would like for you to know something, something I wish someone told me long before I had to figure it out myself, there is absolutely nothing wrong with (you). That can be confusing, but think of it this way, when you look at a child who is crying for it’s mothers affection, or when he or she needs something- There is nothing wrong with the child, right? Well just like all of us who face these issues in our life, it doesn’t make us who we are, it just is. We cant control it, it chose us, but not only that it is part of a reason, a reason you might not understand right now or ever for that madder but knowing that it chose you, you didn’t choose it, makes its easier to deal with because its not your fault. 

Depression- Understanding why you have depression will help you quit smoking. Why? Because once you realize your triggers, and learn that it comes from somewhere, you will find that you have resorted to something as an easy fix, nicotine is in the leading next to heroin, for being the most addictive drug known to man. Depression makes you feel helpless, lie nothing madders, it can range from being completely numb to your feeling- to being completely overwhelmed with and in shock from your emotional state……

I have depression once in a blue moon now, though when I didn’t know how to cope, I just abused myself by smoking cigarettes and other substances, I didn’t realize I was suffering from something many others do. I smoked because I didn’t care, I didn’t love myself, yeahhh I knew smoking could eventually kill me but I already felt dead inside, whenever I had to be awake, I suffered and I didn’t know why, nor did I try to understand why. So the question (How to over come smoking and getting back the control of your life?) For myself I started the thought of quitting, when I stopped feeding the lies, stop giving in to the depths of a thought that did not belong there.The day, I found myself curled up on the ground, finally the little girl inside who was begging to come, let out a plead for help. ‘Someone please help me be okay, someone please notice me, someone please love me.” From that day on I found myself looking at the world with what seemed like rose pedal glasses, I had hope, I believed in myself for once, that someone like me can maybe be saved. From that day on, I have grown into exactly who I am suppose to be, I still struggle everyday but I know now how to cope in healthy and effective ways. I finally love myself. Because I suffered, because I smoked cigarettes, because I was addicted to escape, I am alive now telling my story in hopes the person reading it will let there inner child come out and be saved.

Anxiety- Understand where your anxiety comes from Is easy, although, the strength to overcome it will determine if you are willing to face your fears. Having anxiety is not fun and of course if you smoke cigarettes, you do it because it brings you comfort, making you feel safer in any given situation. There are many reasons for why you get anxiety, my belief though; It bubbles down to one core cause. From the day you are born you come out into a cold world, figuratively and literally. From the  day you can remember something along the lines made you either #1. curious, #2. frightened. Lets put it this way- Mom has a cookie jar- you notice cookie jar- you curiously to try cookie-you get cookie-Mom gets upset and tells you no-now you love cookie-but you cant have them without her knowing-you see cookie jar later-you want cookie but now you fear mom will be mad. That is how anxiety is formed, fearing what is right or wrong, good or bad, ugly or pretty, smart or dumb, fat or skinny, and so on,leading to impulsive easy coping. Such as  smoking cigarettes or partaking in other drugs….

To be continued…..

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