Quit smoking cold turkey


If you decided quitting smoking cold_turkey was how you wanted to end the vicious cycle then i am proud of you. But before you decide fully if this is the right thing to do Please read this article and learn about the side affects and success rates in most who try to quit this way,

For those who have decided to quit smoking cold turkey then I applaud you for the effort and commitment to quitting cigarettes,  you but first and foremost I want to provide some of the statistics and then side affects to see if you’re up for such a big step in such a long lasting cycle. The side affects of quitting cold turkey can be very overwhelming and hard but that doesn’t mean you cant do it,

Side effects include:

  1. Horrible withdraws, withdraws are terrible, the aftermath of the equation will be the hardest part if you quit cold turkey, why? Because your body is so use to having nicotine from cigarettes, one of the most addictive drugs next to heroin and alcohol , even more so then them and you’re deciding to just say bye bye without allowing your body to wean off of it.It’s like taking milk from a baby without giving the child time to adapt to the changes.
  2. Irritability: Yes you are going to go crazy, the stress relief you’ve allowed a cigarette to control in your mind has singled and wired your brain to believe its the escape route and when ripping it away causes you to think theres nothing else to help, Luckily if you do choose to quit cold turkey then there are alternatives to helping you with the side effects.
  3. Headaches:Headaches are told to come about from current ex-smokers, not saying you will get them but it is a possibility.
  4. Cravings:  Nicotine addiction is a real thing and you are going to crave a cigarette in the worst form, more so then when you smoke continuously it will be a hard battle to concur, that is why you need to have a very strong will power to overcome this truth of the madder.

Quitting cold turkey might be the right way for you. But make sure you are prepared for the side effects it will brings and mentally prepare yourself. If you have enough will power and mental capacity to do it, I am encouraging you to take action asap. If you have tried to quit cold turkey and it hasn’t worked for you then no worries friend there are other options, support, and ideas to  succeed on your journey to a smoke free lifestyle. Your health is a big attribute to a good and happy life, No madder how you choose to quit the main goal is you succeed, and never give up trying.

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