My Quit Smoking Journal Example

Real example pages from my own personal quit smoking journal.

February 15, 2014                                                                                    Day one: A few months ago I found out my uncle has lung cancer. The thing is he has always been a secret hero of mine. My father and mother, had a drug problem and left my brother and I with my grandma (his mom) to care for us, I was 8 months and the closest thing to a father figure I can remember is my uncle. He always made everyone laugh, he was always the light in a dark day. He smoked cigarettes and that caused him the lung cancer. We all new it was coming because he changed, always sick, always coughing up mucus and blood. It hurt me to him like this- The thing is even after the lord took him and put an end to his suffering, I was still smoking cigarettes. I gave myself excuses. Today I have decided to really quit smoking, because once I let the pain fade  I was able to see the truth and learn from his mistake. 

February 20, 2014

Day 5- So today has been a walking hell, I’ve tried to cut back on my cigarette intake but I didn’t realize how much I actually smoked and how hooked I truly was. I’ve become so dependent on one small stick of death. I found some of my triggers and a routin though- After every meal I had a cigarette, every time I got in the car, when something upset me, which is very often since I am an emotional roller coaster. I didn’t just smoke cigarettes when I was sad, mad or stressed though, I smoked when I was happy or in social settings. I smoke whenever I feel like I want or ‘need’ one. Let’s face it I love smoking… I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!!! 

March 1, 2014

Day 15- So today I went to see my doctor today he told me everything looked good, he asked me if I was still smoking cigarettes, I told him about my journal and how it helps me cope and keep track of the good and bad days, side effects and my feelings from my uncles death being the reason for my taking action to finally quit. Well my doctor seemed really happy to hear about this, he told me some of his story and what led him to quit smoking. He also gave me some tips and we decided together that A nicotine patch might help. I am going to try it tomorrow. 

So this is just a few pages of what my journal looked like, I was dealing with a lot and thankfully I had enough time to save myself and use my experiences to help. Write your own journal, have your own plan. I had my journal, a planner, a calendar, ideas, and my number one reason always pushed me to keep trying.

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