Quit Smoking Motivation

   Don’t think of it as quitting 

Think of it as gaining.

  If you have decided to quit smoking, or you have already tried and feel you have failed, remember that the only failure is if you have given up on trying all to soon. Remember making mistakes, being weak and falling short sometimes is not a bad thing. Success comes when you can see your problem yet always looking to find a solution. Everyone is different, nothing works the same for anyone.You have not failed over and over, you just haven’t found the answer you personally seek. 

    The first thing about motivation is not only believing in it when it feels right, it’s having hope even when doubt and negative thoughts try to creep in on you.     I’ve decided to let you find what motivates you on your own and let me (if you will) give you some advice on how to apply these to your everyday life and motives. 

  1. Focus: Focus on one habit at a time,and in this case nicotine addiction is what i am writing about, so take one task on at a time, and work to succeed one step at a time, you don’t want to over load your brain and completely fall face first wondering what the heck happened. ( I am not saying you are weak, because this in fact will make you strong.)
  2. Challenge: Challenge yourself, make a game of it, if that’s your thing. Don’t push yourself past the breaking point, but keep a sheer focus on the task at hand, if you are a bit competitive this will drive you in the right direction. If you’re not much of the competitive type then hear me out, don’t be afraid to try new things, you might be surprised.
  3. Date: Yes set a start date, if you’re organised and you plan, well then this will be a piece of cake for you, although there is many of, “raises hand” of us that are terrible planners and just like to go with the flow and let things and life come as it is, but I learned how to still be my; go with the flow self and also be semi organised because it did make, quitting smoking and many other things in life come as I wanted and needed them to be and it gave me a sense of control. So set a date.
  4. Target goal: Identify your target goal. The target goal here is well, quit smoking but that is not the underlying goal, you’re reason as to why you are quitting. Reasons may be: Health, family, environmental, etc…  That reason could be many.
  5. Avoid: Some ideas and perspectives have many people believing one thing being right over another, so personally in my experience, try to avoid quitting cold turkey. For some people this has worked but for many it has failed. there is always different reasons for why this isn’t a good idea for many people. For myself, it was the simple fact that i really did not enjoy discomfort on any level and trying to quit smoking for me was a horrible experience resulting in the same out come, smoking a cigarette. So having help and using the resources provided, if possible is a good idea for those who want it to be a bit easier, regardless it’s going to be hard, still there is nothing wrong with a little help.
  6. Identifying the habit routine: When you smoke and why, in your car right before work, on break, after lunch, you get the gift. Find out when and start by cutting when for any reason out.
  7. Triggers: What triggers you and why, does having a heated conversation with someone you love leave you feeling helpless? Is it anxiety, depression?
  8. RewardsNo matter who you are, how old you are, or how unworthy you feel. Everyone deserves rewards for their achievements, try different stuff out and remember you earned it.
  9. What works: Trying different things is not bad, just because one quit smoking technique doesn’t work for you doesn’t make you helpless. It makes you human and everyone is different.
  10. Forgive yourself: If there is anyone you know better it’s yourself, so don’t beat yourself up to much when mistakes happen, because that’s life. Be empathetic with yourself and forgive and give yourself a break.
  11. Set reminders: Set your alarm or leave sticky notes in obvious places to remind you about smoking triggers, or you’re motivation. Pictures and simple reminders will motivate and inspire you to continue trying to quit smoking.

 Motivation comes in many different forms. Motivational speeches, quotes, people, ideas… In everything. It’s about learning how to be motivated from the moment you open your eyes to the second they close and run away to your dreams.  Be inspired and live up to the inspiration, don’t give in and most importantly never give up. 

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