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Replacment Therapy

Note: “The information provided is solely based on information I have researched and came to find on my own- I am not a doctor or specialist. Just a resource finder and helper to Support Quitting Smoking- To further your horizons on finding what is out there to help you Quit Smoking.”

Nicotein Replacement-  Product’s:

Nicotein Patch’s: The nicotein patch is a Simple and easy use to help you Quit Smoking. All you have to do is (#1. Talk with your doctor) The doctor will tell you if its right for you, what dosage of nicotein is best for you, educate you with information. Once the decision is made, and you both agree he will further explain, how to use it, what to expect, and Side effects. 

Nicotine Gum: Nicotine Gum is over the Counter, you can find it at any supermarket. There are many good and bad reviews on the gum, the worst so far is that it doesn’t work, and some people feel a slight burning in the moth around the gums- That is nicotein for you- The Gum is cheap and easy to find, It works for some and for others it doesn’t. Still worth a try.

E-Cig- The most popular and most cost effective. The E-cig, vaporaizors all have come a very long and wonderful lasting way. The reviews are wild and people are loving it, there are side-effects, but none which have any bad or long lasting termoil. The E-cig gives you what Smoking Cigarettes give you, only in a healthy fun and cost friendly way. A must try.

Nicotein Replacement- Therapist: 

Hypnosis therapy- If you believe in the power of the mind. Then hypno therapy will provide you with the power to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Quitting Smoking, will be a piece of cake using hypnosis. Only if you believe. 

Acupuncture therapy- This is a special kind of amazing technique used to help with smoking cessation. The process may seem freighting if you’re afraid of needles, but the needles are pin-sized making it feel as if nothing is there.

Music Therapy- The beauty behind music has become more and more popular in the therapy world, helping thousands overcome, Smoking addiction, anxiety, depression, etc… Binaural beats for example: Is a process using different sound frequencies, that connect with certain wiring of the brains function healing and opening up your mind. I personally have found this specific therapy as a healing for Quitting Smoking and all problems in my life. You can find them on you-tube, or find a music therapist.

Nicotine Replacement- Remedies:

Aroma Therapy- Using oils, and scents to help curb smoking cessation. Lavander for example: Calms your nerves, and anxieties. Relaxes and makes you feel clean. Aroma Therapy comes in many different forms. You can find bath treatments, candles, vaporizors, essential oils, and much more at a natural remedies store near you. Sometimes even at your local supermarket.

Tea Therapy- Yes I use the word therapy, as it is, a therapy when used correctly. Different teas have different healing properties. Green team boosts you matablism, ginger tea helps curb smoking cessation, sleepy time tea well the name explains enough. Tea can be used as a therapy for your beautiful body.

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