Quit Smoking And Stay Quit Today

Quitting smoking is easy, staying quit is the hard part. About 95% of smokers who have tried to quit, end up picking the habit up again. If you are tired of failing, try some of these:

  • First you need to take a long hard look at yourself. You need to get out a piece of paper, and write some dates down. Write down the day you can if you can remember the first time you smoked a cigarette. Then the reason “you think” you did in the first place. Then write down the days you remember trying to quit what did you do that prevented you?
  • Secondly you need to determine, the pro and cons of quitting smoking cigarettes. Example: PROS- It helps me when I am stressed. CON- It makes me sick now, i cant breath ect….. If you notice when you’re done if you’re being realistic the benefits of smoking cigarettes are none.
  • Third you must become aware and believe that all the bad stories you have heard about people getting cancer, losing there voices, forced to have holes in there necks to talk, these stories are real, these are real people. Do some research and find some of the stories. Make it real and go find out and talk with someone who battles with the repercussions of the after math of smoking.

Smoking cigarettes have become less and less attractive in the world today, people are finding out the good ole cigarette isn’t so good anymore, more and more places have made it illegal for people to smoke in public. Schools, hospitals, public busy spots will even fine you for smoking on non permitted grounds. The good ole days no longer exist because tobacco products are showing there true colors. Its not just pure tobacco/nicotine in your cigarettes anymore it worse or even worse than you might thin:

Chemicals in cigarettes include: 

  1. Nail polish remover
  2. Rat poison
  3. niacin

That’s not the end of it either….. Read some more articles to find out more about whats inside the cigarettes trying to kill us, obviously but passively. Its a dirt trick.

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