Quit Smoking The Truth About Second Hand Smoke

Secondhand Smoke


When you smoke cigarettes you are not only harming your own body but you are also causing serious health risks in those you love, The air that we all breath, your neighbor, the baby standing next to you, your wife, your animals everyone you affect everyone and everything around you when you choose to smoke a cigarette.

Smoking causes death, it causes horrible diseases, cancer, and many many health risk factors. So why do we do it?? Is it really worth it?? Does it truthfully help you. In my God honest opinion it is doing you and everyone around you more harm then any good. In fact there is not much I can say good about it except maybe the temporary joy you gain from it, But are you really happy when you’re stressed out and you’re first thought is to light up a cigarette are you really happy handing your life over into the control of a cigarette?? Don’t get me wrong i use to be a smoker and it took me a long long time to get it through my head and gain enough will power, strength and motivation to completely give it up. This is how i did it though, I learned to hate it, I learned the health risks and I learned that I love my family, I love my friends,  my environment, my fellow human beings I love everything that keeps a smile on my face and does not harm me I love the air i breath and the gift of life granted to me. I learned that life was given to me and it is not my place to take myself away from it, Why should I neglect such a precious gift?  I learned that Second Hand smoke can cause my grandma to lose the little bit of life she has left, I found that my husband is older then me and I want to be able to spend the rest of my days with him by my side for as long as possible, he had to quit and I needed to with him. I found that the kids in my life that I love so very dearly are living in a terrible environment filled with smoke, I didn’t want there clothes to smell like smoke, or come to find out I burned a hole in one of there favorite toys. I didnt want them to look up at me when they turned a certain age when experimenting comes in and they grow to believe that smoking cigarettes is a cool thing or a necessity to help them with there problems “Oh mom or auntie or dad or grandma smoke for this reason maybe i’ll try it”. I want the kids in my life to look at me and say wow I want to be healthy because I know they watch me and I know they are learning and doing what they think the way is. So basically the moral of all of this is, I found my biggest reason to quit smoking and it was for me and everyone i love. Second-hand smoke hurts the ones you love just as much as it does yourself if not more. Get motivated quit today, Dont wait until tomorrow start now.

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