Quit Smoking While You’re Still Young

Quit smoking while you’re still young.

You have a life ahead of you, but where do you see yourself in 5,10,20 years from now? We all have goals and an idea of what we want in life, but more so then not, ideals change, we change and things get in the way leading us on a brand new path. I believe everything happens just as it should, it’s all for a reason. But just because we can’t exactly tell the future we can direct ourselves in many different ways, and the choices we make will have an effect. So what I’m trying to get at is, one little choice, whether it be unprotected sex, drug/alcohol use, drinking soda instead of water, and smoking cigarettes, will have an impact on you and where you will be in the years to come. 

Making the choice to think about the future in a realistic way, weighing the pros and con’s, will give you an advantage to be ahead of the game. When your mom or dad or elders are always seeming to harp you about one thing or another. Especially if you you’re a smoker like I was, I never heard the end of it,”You need to put that cigarette out, you could get cancer, you’re teeth are turning yellow quit smoking, does your boy friend like how you smell” yadadyada is all I heard. Instead of ignoring there plea, take a moment and ask yourself why? Why do they care? Why are they so worried about me? 

Smoking cigarettes might not be a problem for you at this point in time or maybe it is but you haven’t payed any attention, or you know it is but “don’t really care” do you think you’re the only one who felt that way at your age? No there has been many many generations of people just like you before you who today, wish they made a different choice. 

Smoking FAQs

  • Nicoteine is a drug and it is at the top of being one of hardest drugs to quit next to heroin. 
  • Health problems are a real thing, you might be young and can fight off the harmful things being done to your body easier then someone who is 5,10,20 years older then you. Many smokers all around the world are currently battling with lung cancer, heart disease, tooth loss, still birth, and much more that would have been prevented if they quit smoking. They didn’t plan the pain, suffering, medical bills, financial crisis, loss of life, loss of their babies life. 
  • Second hand smoke is proven to be worse then first hand. Not only medically but morally. People who choose to smoke around other people who do not smoke are not only putting themselves in harm but everyone else, that’s not fair is it? They didn’t choose to smoke, you did, and if anything were to happen to that person, you’d be responsible. Selfish? I think so. 

When we’re young we will most likely make the wrong choices, that’s ok. Just don’t be foolish and continue making the same mistakes.

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