Quitting Smoking? What Do You Have To Lose?

What do I have to lose?

OK so maybe you’ve thought about quitting smoking, a few times, or even more so recently, maybe never. Personally when the question “What do I have to lose,” came to me from watching someone find out that a dear friend of there’s has lung cancer, from smoking cigarettes.  Although I’m very sad, it really opened my eyes that you never know what you might lose. Ever, it happened out of nowhere, but most certainly from somewhere.

So what do you have to lose? Get something to write on or with, whatever you prefer. It can look something like this:

What do I have to lose?

#1. Your health. The amount of health problems originating from only “one” bad habit. Many of those health issues are unknown, growing slowly, but once enough has grown, like the yellow pigment on your teeth and built on plack, making it near impossible to remove, easier to form cavities, infection, tooth loss, root canals, etc…. (Write down the worst thing that could happen to you from Smoking Cigarettes.)

#2.Your Appearance, “Outward and Inward: Yeah? So you can’t see your insides all the time, but it should madder what it looks like. If you love yourself, keep yourself looking and feeling beautiful, if your lungs are black, your skin turning yellow, your everything that forms your beautiful body is now slowly disappearing, as if life is being drained… Your body is important, cherish and love it for you’ll not always have it.

#3. People: Yes, you can lose people when choosing to smoke cigarettes. Secondhand smoke has been proven to be even worse and dangerous the smoking a cigarette.

Now once you write down what you can lose from smoking cigarettes. What i wrote above were just examples, but make sure you write down how you feel, what your most afraid of losing, and once you’re done write down what you can gain from smoking. The gain cannot have a loss. Its nearly impossible, I could not find what I could gain without contridicting the rule of a loss that comes with the gain. If you find a gain from continuing to smoke cigarettes, compare it to all the losses, and there you can decide. What you have to lose. Quit Smoking live happy and healthy.





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