How Quitting Smoking Will Enhance Your Sex Lives

You want to enhance your sexual performance?  

This is how…

First of all Quitting Smoking will not only benefit you in the bed, but it will overall make you more sexy. You’ll smell wonderful, feel and look much better. Trust me. 

When I decided to Quit Smoking, yeah it was a great feeling, but I didn’t realize how much of a difference it had on my performance in the bedroom. I felt great and so does my partner. We both decided to quit and the rewards have been endless. Below are some of the things smoking cigarettes does to our bodies and why it does effect your sex lives.

  • Energy: Did you know Smoking cigarettes is a huge energy drainer. Why? The body is kinda weird, you can’t exactly consume everything and expect to live. Indestructibly would be nice, but we’re only human.
  • Time: The time can last much longer in bed when you quit smoking, why? Because you can breath. Did you know during sex you can burn up to as many calories as you would running a mile… Hmmmm 
  • Stamina: Its been proven a fact that men who don’t smoke have more stamina then men who do smoke cigarettes.
  • Smell: Its also a fact that if you don’t smoke you smell really good and chances are your partner will be more apt to wanna do the do with you. Also smoking cigarettes causes your sex scent to decrease making it hard for your partner to automatically get aroused when you do.
  • Taste: Yes, your partners and your taste is much more enjoyable when you quit smoking. Note: Pineapple has been known to sweeten the males and females taste as well, try it out for a week.

Yes quitting smoking can and most likely will enhance your sexual performance and make you more desirable, if that’s not enough to quit then I’m not entirely sure what will be…. 

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