The Belief Behind Smoking Cessation


Smoking Cessation false belief Causes:

You might have in your mind that Smoking helps you somehow. The truth behind the “causes” people to smoke_

Stress: The ultimate cause, you and thousands of others ever chose to Smoke Cigarettes. Smoking cessation is a want or feeling of need. When deciding to ever Smoke, many people chose because life was hard and from the amount of people who do smoke when questioned why, there answers stick in your mind. When Subconsciously the feeling of stress arises, and there’s a cigarette present, you consciously remember hearing or reading this helped whomever from being stressed, you pick it up take a drag. The truth of this is, Smoking Cigarettes never truly helped anyone with stress, but when you believe in something and hear it so many times, your mind tricks you by making you think it works. Eventually, you become dependent if not right away. The cigarette, is made now to cause people to get addicted, its only money for the company and your life is irrelevant, your choice, your dollar= There success. 

“I like it:” Well when you put it that way, you’re only fooling yourself. This is  ignorance and denial. When someone, even myself when I smoked. Usuing the words, I like doing it, or its pleasurable for me, or it makes me feel good. Is all how Addiction and Smoking Cessation works. Turning the tables from someone addicted to coke or math or heroin- When they do it, and say they like it, is that OK? Sure it feels good but only temporarily, once your body has become numb to the drugs, the Cessation is still there but the results never the same, soon enough it doesn’t feel so good, soon enough you’ll want to quit, you won’t like it and you’ll find after-all is said and done. The addiction is real and really really hard to overcome. Nicotein is a drug. It is one of the top leading addictive substance next to herion. You might like it now, but think about later. Leading into-

YOLO OR LIVE FOR THE MOMENT:   Life is not really a game. Yes we only live this life once, (that we know of) and yes tommorow is not promised. That doesn’t mean living reckless lives, destroying our bodies, and running around ignorantly Smoking Cigarettes because tommorow you might die. The truth is tommorow is tommorow, a week is a week, a year is a year, a decade is a decade, time goes on. The point of live for the moment isn’t an excuse for reckless self destructive behavior. Live like you were dying means love at all cost, spending more time and doing the things that you love and appreciate more often, breath the air, feel the water and sand touch your toes, surround yourself with the ones you love and whom love you, be happy and grateful to be alive. For tommorow is not promised, and you may only live once, treat it that way. 

Love your bodies and the world around you, Quit Smoking find cessation in the beauty and wonders of the life you were granted to live. Use what nurtures your whole being, from the particles of your skin to the depths of your soul. This is what truly living is. You are a purpose, whether you believe or see it yet, everyday you are alive. Your purpose is being fulfilled. By simply breathing is far beyond reason enough to be alive.

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