Smoking Cigarettes And Outward Appearance

So first and foremost you are beautiful inside and out. If you smoke cigarettes, You will unfortunately take away the beauty given slowly but surely . Smoking causes your teeth to turn yellow, it damages your hair, stunts your growth (if a teen)uses yellow pigment on your nails, ages you quicker, darkens skin, eaves you looking dull and lifeless.

Lets face it though, Is smoking a cigarette really worth the bad breath the constant application on perfume that doesn’t ever really cover it up only make it worse? Is it worth the yellow teeth where it feels like a shame to even mile, is it worth the lack of hair growth and split ends and no more shine? Is it worth smoking when you’re a teen and stunting your growth hey i did when i was a teen, biggest dream was to become a model and i am not 5’3 who knows i could have made it to at-least 5’7 , Is it worth your nails looking like you work in a factor doing hard heavy labor? is  it worth the bags under your eyes, the dark skin spot left. Is it really worth it?

When you smoke in front of others , it’s not attractive. Some people tend to think in one way if they smoke cigarettes that they will look better in front of others, girls think it makes them mature or it’s sexy to blow smoke, and some dudes think it makes them look more bad a** or sophisticated but in all reality it’s not sexy it doesn’t make you anything that you’re not already except reckless, if you smoke cigarettes it’s a gamble that you may or may not win and your gambling with your life you health your everything you’re only doing more harm then good.

When you feel healthy and good about yourself all these things should be a must, look in the mirror and say do i wanna keep living this way? Do i want to wake up tomorrow with my hair falling out or my teeth not scrubbing away yellow muck because it’s stained now from smoking cigarettes. Do i want to look like im older then what i am? No honestly, Love yourself and your body. Quit smoking cigarettes today.

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