Does Someone You Love Smoke Cigarettes?

We all
know and care for someone who suffers from a smoking addiction.

It’s ore often that those of who don’t smoke cigarettes, know someone who does, and the reason we care can vary from the obvious health risks all the way to the environmental stake it takes on our home, “Earth.”

In my teen age years I was, well what you expect a teen age girl to act like. I was emotional and when puberty hit it felt like my world was falling and there was no hope for me Lol …. I only laugh because I’d go back in a heart beat to relive my younger years, to share moment with my family and friends and really appreciate them. Anyways…..

My grandmother is the someone who had loved ones who smoked cigarettes, not only that but other harmful things. She is the one who suffered knowing that some of the people she loved the most in the world facing addiction. I remember the day she found out that I had started smoking cigarettes, and she already was worried about my over all health issues, asthma, depression, PTSD,anxiety and the case of short term memory loss, she worried to much I always thought, but I inders now and I wish I could have saved her the worry for so long. Anyways, the day she found out I was smoking cigarettes, she started crying. We talked for a long time, as I explained to her why I was doing it, I had to tell her i had been doing a lot longer than just being able to quit right away, I started when i was only years old, she blamed herself for not finding out sooner. It was never her fault though… Well she tried to help me in every way she could. Its only now I realize why nothing ever worked and the reason is, I didn’t really want to stop. It made me feel better. The only way I was going to quit was if I made the decision myself that I needed to. I was aware of the health risks, I was aware of everything that comes along with it, but for some reason  nothing maddered enough that I wanted to I blamed it on nicotine addiction, I blamed it on everything and everyone except myself. As I got older, I realized how selfish that was. I only thought about myself and whether or not I was doing good things or bad things to my body I was being selfish to not involve the people I cared for in the picture. What made me decide to quit smoking is many different things, and when I did I went strait to my grandma and told her the wonderful news.

So that’s honestly just it, if someone you loves smokes cigarettes no madder how hard you try to lead a horse to water, you should know you can’t force the horse to drink it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t guide the ones you love or care for in the right direction though, the fact that my grandma tried to help she gave me a lot of answers that eventually I used to help me quit smoking, and the rewards are endless in my opinion. So just be patient with the ones you’re trying to help, one day it will work out the way its suppose to.

Some ideas that might help speed the process are:

  • Having a heart to heart, telling them how it makes you feel, but don’t pass judgment, let them know you understand how hard it could be, that you only want the best for them. But let them know it hurts more then just them, it hurts you too, let them know the possibilities that could happen,
  • Pull at there heart strings. Find someone who battled with smoking addiction, someone who suffers from the consequences of there actions find that person and ask them if they could talk to the one your trying to get to quit smoking. Find some videos or articles and share it with them, if they’re resentful, tell them what it would mean for you.
  • You could challenge, or bribe them lol. Something like “If you try to quit smoking, I will try and give up fast food or soda or anything (we all have something we need to give up), and then the rewards.
  • Introduce them to some healthy living. Meditation yoga, fishing, sports, anything.



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