Manifest the life you have always wanted, start today, say good-bye to smoking cigarettes and hello to some good ole, fresh air.

When I look back, I see so many missed opportunities. And its not that I wasn’t paying attention, its simply because once I found an opportunity, at first I was very motivated, thinking and talking about it. When my boy friend and I  decided we wanted to quit smoking, we had so many ideas we were going to try. There was always something missing by the end of our “last pack” ever, we always had some excuse to go get more. Convincing ourselves we needed to try new ways, blaming situations, or events or whatever we could to make it OK in our heads, that it was OK to continue the bad habit we both were so passionate about Quitting Smoking.

So this I what we did.

First of all, we got real with ourselves. We decided to get serious, even when it was hard, we made a promise that if one of us over the other gave up on quitting smoking, or had an urge the other one of us would with all there power, not give in. Now mind you we both had weak moments at the same time but luckily having a smoking buddy truly made the process easier. Find yourself a quit smoking Buddie, or atleast someone to support you, who has been through it before.

Well anyways, we didn’t get there quickly and easily but we did accomplish the biggest battles of them all.

#1. The choice/decition: This is the first and most important, without us making the choice, we wouldn’t accomplish the task.

#2.The commitment: Without the commitment and dedication, like in the beginning, we never would have made it. Write vows for it, or a contract and sign it.

#3. Reasearch: Indeed, study up. We identified our strengths and weaknesses, what causes the urges to smoke cigarrettes, when we enjoy it the most and why we enjoy it. Finding the health and benefits and last but not least we found an alternative. We used natural remedies which I have posted in some of my other articles, it truly what works best for you. Find what works for you, and make it happen, don’t sit on it, don’t wait until you forget, don’t continue to allow yourself to miss out on your opportunity.

Quit Smoking now, manifest the life you want.

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