The Natural Way To End Smoking Cessation

The Natural Way To End A Very Un-Natural Habit

 When you finally come to realize that you want to quit smoking and you are looking for a natural way to do it, you came to the right place.  We are happy to provide information for such a good cause. 

Numerous types of  natural ways including therapies, and herbs are a very common way to naturally quit smoking cigarettes some of which are:

° Acupuncture, a therapeutic technique where tiny hair thin needles are inserted into your skin. Acupuncture used to help quit smoking are inserted into various points on the ear for about 20-30 minutes. Between each session, acupuncture therapist provide small balls, they tape them to your ears. Therefore, when you start to crave a cigarette you lightly add pressure to the ball, which enhances and stimulates the acupuncture point. A study involving 144 individuals, found that acupuncture with the study and education of oneself on smoking cessation has induced the result of  individuals  successfully quitting smoking.

° Lobelia,  Also known as “Indian tobacco.”  Lobelia Is used in quite a few quit smoking natural remedies, such as:  NicRX, NicoCure, and finally free are some of them.  One ingredient in  Lobelia is called Alkaloid, which has the same affect on the brain as nicotine does. It helps you quit smoking by affecting the brain receptor, is know for being the nicotine receptor because they are known by being stimulated by nicotine. It helps you quit smoking by giving you the smoking cessation, the same as the nicotine cigarettes have. Lobelia is claimed to have no addictive aide affects.

° Ginseng, is highly recognized and known for being used in old traditional medication. It plays a huge role in herbal health care. Ginseng is positively a very affective/natural way to quit smoking.  Ginseng acts as a Physical and mental health stimulant, helps with weight loss and much more. It helps you quit smoking by one curbing your appetite for those who are afraid to quit and think they will substitute there craving for cigarettes with eating, well it is possible but ginseng will help.  It increases energy level, natural ability to calm nerves and stress level. When you quit smoking cigarettes and the withdrawals start to set it, use ginseng to help you get through it.

° Detox, a natural way to quit smoking is to detox all of the nasty chemicals and nicotine out of your system. You can go your local market or find and herb store and find-  herbs, plants and roots such as mullein, dandelion and rosemary. In addition, drink a lot of water and stock up on Vitamins C and B-Complx. Detoxing your system might make you sick during the process but it’s quicker and you’ll feel a million times better in less time.

° Hypnotherapy, Used to relieve the withdrawal affect after you quit smoking. It is a very affective way of  setting free negative and allowing positive in. it revoked emotional triggers,explores repressed areas of your conscious mind. The process of hypnotherapy is guided with meditation, breathing techniques, and visualizations.  After the process the therapist will point out what he sees and ask you questions that revolve around your sub-conscious. 

Quitting smoking naturally is not usually thought about and it should be, if used right and done with consistency, and devotion it will bring the best results.  





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