The Truth About Smoking Cigarettes

Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know the truth…..

Its shocking….


You knew all along..

Only you chose not to believe.

Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know the truth about smoking cigarettes… We all know somewhere deep within ourselves that smoking is bad, But do we really know the terrible things happening within our bodies. Have you ever read an article or seen a billboard about quitting smoking or seen the ads with resources to help you quit smoking, and you choose to  ignore it time after time, you read them and when you’re done you turn around and smoke another cigarette, well the truth about smoking is deep within your mind somewhere, you just choose to ignore it. But it is always subconsciously going to be pocking at your common sense and your going to have a sudden thought of wanting to quit smoking. We as humans are feelers we get a sudden feeling and without thought we act on these feelings. In the article the truth will be revealed on how to concur your smoking cessation, the feeling of wanting and truly gaining your power back. 

_First of all you must be aware, be aware of all your surroundings, your thoughts, the blocked out thoughts to the conscious ones, at the same time being aware of your feelings where they come from, how they were created, by what force did I come, to feel this way? To gain complete control of your mind-body-soul you need to know yourself fully, humans learn by hearing seeing and believing, but the what we hear see and believe is not always going to be true. What we live and see is our own reality and for all of us what we see, hear and believe is the truth, that is the the truth. Becoming of yourself and understanding who you truly are,  is going to be a task. It takes a-lot of self discipline and time, you are going to have to spare some time, it is not going to be a waste because once you can figure out yourself everyday you will be gaining control of not only quitting smoking for good but of your entire life as well.

*Tips to finding the truth & gaining control over quitting smoking and your life*

  • Time- Sparing time for yourself  to get to know yourself is the first step to succeeding on your journey. In your spare time you will:
  • Meditation- Meditation is a very useful tip to learning control of the smoking cessation and your life. Meditating: A technique used to clear your conscious mind of all thoughts and learning to unlock the blockages you cover up in your subconscious mind. Breathing techniques, Music ( Binaural beats), Guided meditation, and many many other resources used in meditation to help you become smoke free.
  • Journal- Getting your thoughts out on paper- being able to see your thoughts written out makes a huge improvement regarding just the thought process, You can see them with your eyes instead of just imagining them, making it easier to remember your feelings, where they come from and what you were thinking and doing during these time, when you decide to quit smoking you choose because – 1. What your consciously thinking, 2. What you’re consciously feeling, 3. What you’re subconsciously thinking, 4. What you’re subconsciously feeling.
  • Your happy place-  Finding your happy place is essential to finding yourself and to fully quit smoking cigarettes with satisfaction, and relief. Your happy place is physical-mental-emotional. They all tie in together, “when you’re physically comfortable- you will be mentally comfortable, when your physically and mentally comfortable, you will grow to become emotionally comfortable.”  Being happy in your own skin is a great thing find this place and when you fully find becoming smoke free and aware of yourself, you will get you the control you never had a chance over once and for all in your hands. 
  • Living & Learning- When you learn something and you know it’s going to benefit and make your life better, you have to live it, you have to walk in the truth, you have to stop living the lie that tomorrow is going to be a better day to quit smoking. When you give yourself excuses for not quitting, you are lying to yourself and you will never find the truth.


*When you accept the fact that you are not in control of your life when you choose to smoke cigarettes and you really think about it, you ponder it. You will have finally learned and it will be time for you to live it. – I encourage you to take action, take time, mediate and find your happy place. A smoke free life is just around the corner. Good luck.

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