There’s No Try In Quitting Smoking

Star Wars (Yoda) “There’s no try, you either do or you don’t,”

There’s no try when you want to quit smoking, you either do or you don’t. When you say you will try, what your really saying is, “I won’t be able to”. 

Don’t become one of the thousands of people who gave up on quitting smoking. They are the ones that told themselves they will “try” without any intention to actually “do” it.  Some of the causes of not quitting include:

  1. Stress is the biggest reason, people don’t stop smoking, well they think it is. What I figured out about stress when I used to smoke is it actually never really helped me be less stressed about anything. It added to my stress actually. It took my time, my health, my beauty. It created family problems, work related issues. All in all it made my stress worse.
  2. Nicotine addiction, one of the leading addictions known to man next to heroin. Yes this is a hard drug to just say goodbye to, but believe me you can do it and if you just do it and you tell yourself you can,with a little help you will over come. I promise.
  3. Cravings, anyone who smokes knows that when a craving comes on you give in right away. Just like craving a soda, sugar, greasy fried foods, we all have out crave days. So to solve this issue you must discipline yourself. People who want to lose weight, have to discipline themselves, people who dont do there homework have to discipline themselves, people who, dont wake up on time have to discipline themselves.

So those are some reason why people give up on quitting smoking. Some things that might help with stress, nicotine withdraw, and cravings include:

  • Nicotine replacements- Nicotine  gum, patches ect… Ask your doctor.
  • Therapies- Aroma therapy, acupuncture, hypnotic therapy, or chemo therapy if you let you smoking addiction get that far. Lets hope not….

There is no try in quitting smoking, you either do or you dont. Take it from yoda.

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