Tips to quit smoking

#1 Finding the most important reason

Finding your reason to quit should be an easy but essential tip to help you quit smoking.Get on your smartphone go to notes and dig deep into yourself and discover the heartfelt reasons for why you need to quit. If you love your family and friends second hand smoke can really harm someone you love, it hurts to think about, but think about it? Is it worth the risk of harming those you love? If you have noticed any changes in health, shortness of breath, loosing energy, or worse maybe that should be an indicator and something to think about. Whatever your reason is write it down and remember it every time you feel you have a smoking cessation.

#2 Dont give up trying

If you haven’t already tried to quit smoking just know that for some of us who have tried to quit often slip up, It is not a failure to mess up now and again, the real failure is when you give up. Dont lose hope, keep trying. It is not an easy process to overcome, but remember why you want cigarettes out of your life and hold on to that reason. Quitting smoking is not easy, addiction is not easy, and its ok dont beat yourself up and decide you cant do it because you can! I know you can.

#3 Triggers and times (breaking the habits)

Do you run to a cigarette at just the slightest amount of stress? Do you enjoy smoking after you eat, or on a night out with friends having a drink or two and you feel it helps with being anxious or insecure? Do you love smoking in the car on the way to work, 8 hours without a cigarette sure is a bummer, better get as many as I can in before I arrive. We all have triggers and times when we get a cigarette cessation, it becomes a habit and humans have very habitual personalities. So take a look at those two things and change it up. Lets say you get a little stressed about a temporary problem, and you need a few minutes to figure out how to solve it and you run to a cigarette to help you process. All you’re doing is running from a temporary problem to consuming and creating an even bigger and possibly a permanent problem. If you love smoking in your car, set a rule that you no longer smoke in the car and stick to it. Put rules on your triggers and change times, in doing this you will be breaking habits and quitting smoking will be much simpler.

#4 Cut down on your usage

If you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day cut down to half a pack, store the rest of them in a safe spot or ask someone to hide them and forget they exist until the next day.
Break the cigarettes in half. Weaning yourself off is a lot longer process then just quitting cold turkey but for some of us it’s going to take a little extra time and that’s ok. Although we want it to be a quick and easy process, a little extra time for heavy smokers is still a huge step to success.



Quit Smoking Tips

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