The Truth Behind Teens Smoking Cigarettes

“Point of view- From a teenager who smokes”

The experience I’ve had when smoking as a teen, doesn’t change but Somehow when we grow up, we sometimes forget how we were, what we had to go through and why we did things we weren’t suppose to. This is for all the teens out there, and for all the parents, and adults who are trying to guide them in the right path, to Quit Smoking. 

From the day you are born you begin to learn, developing certain skills, knowing what feelings are associated with what, knowing how to communicate what you want or need by a simple cry for mom or dad, or learning how to make faces and smile and laugh because mom or dad does it. We watch and we learn, we feel and we grow. From the time we begin developing into who we are. Our personalities, how we feel about certain things, what we like or don’t like. A-lot of these developments are learned from the parents teachings. Mind you, I’m not saying all teens who smoke cigarettes, do it for the reason of there parents. But this is from someone who once was a teen who smoked. My point from the thought process developed from seeing others do it period for any reason that coincided with something I wanted or felt I needed. My main points- Watching and learning starts from birth. You watch when your brother is sad and playing games makes him happy, you try it when your sad and it makes you happy. Same with Smoking Cigarettes, anyone who does it has there reason. When asked why by anyone, if it sounds good to you, you try it.

When I Smoked, I didn’t do it to be cool. I didn’t believe it when my parents told me to stop being a follower, I was forming my own identity. And the last thing I wanted was to be a hard copy, all kids want is to be special, and unique. They want love. Just like a baby, just like a toddler, just like you and me, and grandma and grandpa. Unfortunately High-schools was a mad house, puberty sucked, and everything seems like the end of the world. Being a teen is hard, you’re not aware of who you are exactly and when you’re trying to be who you are in a world of social corruption, everyone telling you to be one thing. You forget you have a choice. I smoked cigarettes for the simple FAQ that It helped others cope with life. It was also my choice.

I found out once I had the time to discover myself without people telling me who I was or should be I unfortunately felt the effects and found out why everyone was so against me doing it, but what I decided to do was research. I found healthy alternatives and I had a chance to find what I really wanted, and I found smoking alternatives, and coping skills. I Quit Smoking.

If you’re a parent wanting to help your teen to Quit Smoking, with out them doing it behind your back, don’t push them away by using the, “You are a kid card” it won’t work, building trust with your kids with boundaries, is very important. Especially in this world and today’s society. Teens are going to make mistakes, and there going to want to find things out the hard way. Don’t push them away, when they really make a mistake. Be someone they can trust to come and talk to, you can still punish, but find out how to educate them and help them grow, because when life comes and knocks them down, whether they know you’re going to be mad or not, they will still know you’ll have the answers they’re looking for and open arms. Do you want your teen or teens to Quit Smoking? Get involved, find out what’s wrong, find out why, let them know you’re there to help. Guide them with love and usuful information, show them other things not just tell them. Remember who you were as a teen, remember how you felt building an identy, making friends, hormones, and emotional termoil. Be patient.

Quit Smoking teens.

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