Vapeorize Away Nicotine Addiction?


Why people hate on the good things in life, I will never know why… People have it in there heads that vaping is going to make you even more addicted to nicotine. The truth is, its up to you. I’ll let you in on how to use one to quit smoking- 

How to use a vaporizer to quit smoking 

Okay first thing is first. When you go to buy something, please do yourself a favor and read the instructions before use, find out everything about the product, how to use it ect… When choosing to Smoke cigarettes, did you read the warning label? No you just started doing it, that’s why you’re addicted and that might be why your skeptical. Don’t listen to everyone and what they believe. Because vaping helped me put and end to nicotine addiction. This is how I did it-

When I bought a vaporizer I asked how it would help me quit, luckily I found someone who knew what they were talking about, how they did it and they shared what worked for them. There answer hit me like a logical bag of dum dums (The nicotein levels) (How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke in a day). So finding out the level of nicotine needed to start off should always be one step down from where you were as a smoker, set a planner for when you get your next batch, to lessen the amount, doing this you will succeed in quitting smoking, and becoming nicotine free.

The number one rule of quitting smoking

#1 RULE. Do not expect anything to do it for you!

When you want something for yourself,  you have to work for it. You cannot expect anyone or anything to do it for you, yes there is support and alternatives here to help and advise you, but ultimately it is your choice to act accordingly, you can use or abuse anything, that is life. The power of choice goes a long long way. Choose and do.

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