You Have The Power To Choose To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

For every fellow smoker or EX-smoker, I am personally  going to explain my journey, from a logical stand point of view, to,  the deep inner feelings for- ‘Why I decided to quit smoking cigarettes for good.’  

When I look at life I see from various different views, I am going to start from the top, The sky. I see the sky It is blue it is beautiful and when night falls, I see more, the stars, the moon, and a universe of wonder and determination of exploration. I simply See and i think, Why on earth did i get the gift of life, to breathe, to think and feel. It truly is a mystery. My point on this subject for why i decided to quit smoking is, A gift we dont know is rare but what we do know is it’s special in someway, we know there is a reason for our existence, yet we still decide to sabotage the creation of ourselves by smoking cigarettes it is truly a contradicting, misunderstood, selfish, and voluntary on our ends. We can choose to decide our destiny. So sad it may be to destroy ourselves long before our purpose is suppose to come to an end, I from the core of my being believe we are made to be what we choose to be, we have a chosen path but it is up to ourselves to paint the picture along the way. Dont paint the walls with smoke and yellow residue. Paint a picture that is fully and outstandingly alive, paint your picture with love and acceptance.

I started from the top, our sky, and traveling with my words and thoughts to….. The air, The air we breath is incredibly beautiful, well from a soul not eye standpoint, air cannot be seen by the eyes, it is not felt, so to speak, and it is the sole power to what is keeping us alive. If we were to lose all oxygen, there is not one human who would survive. We need air to breath and everyday for those of us who smoke cigarettes are contributing to the other various chemicals floating around in the very air we are breathing today. We are adding harmful substances from smoking cigarettes in the result of detracting life.

If we take a look into the psychology of smoking cigarettes, and we see one person, one person leads to hundreds and thousands and millions, all persons. One person smokes cigarettes to fulfill the addiction part of our brains. We as humans are habit forming creatures. From the day we are born we are begin to form, learning how to eat, learning how to move, we learn feelings, all from watching. We watch we learn, we hear, we learn, everything starts from whomever raises us. We are born to follow the natural order of life to survive. So as we grow we can change these things, if you grew up around parents or people who smoke cigarettes, you are more likely to give it a try, when a mother chooses to smoke when pregnant with you you are more likely to be addicted before you ever had a choice. Addiction is a very hard thing yet very simple thing to overcome. To overcome smoking cigarettes you need to learn how, you need will-power, you need to want it.

Choose to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Today.

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