Why Should I Quit Smoking

Why should I quit smoking? What’s the point, I don’t need to quit, there are plenty of people who survive and never get cancer from smoking cigarettes. Who’s to say I will get any bad effects from smoking, what if I don’t quit and nothing happens. Why should I quit?

If this is running In your head, just stop. It runs through all our heads, why should I quit? & we give ourselves the short end of the stick by agreeing with the negative and dismissive thoughts that give us an excuse to never quit, because for one very specific reason, we’re afraid.

We are afraid to quit smoking for fear of not finding something to replace the thing we actually truthfully love. Cigarettes are a love/hate relationship we love them so much but hate them even more.  Reasons why you should quit.

#1. They might not kill you today but they’re slowly killing you everyday. Don’t let a cigarette be your destiny.

#2 They are in control of you, no madder how much you want to tell yourself you’re not addicted, I am  sorry to say that you most definitely are. There is nothing worse you can do to yourself then allowing yourself to believe you’re going to be OK smoking.

#3 Your health should be a big reason to quite, your breath, your teeth, your lungs, your brain, your entire body is being poisoned and when it boils down to it, when you finally realize these terrible things are happening to you and you allow it, you’ll wish you quit.

#4 Its your family, it’s your friends, its your world. You’re not only tearing yourself up you’re hurting the ones you love. Not just  emotionally but your kids hate to see you smoke, your mom and dad wish you would love yourself a little more and put them down, and physically secondhand smoke is slowly leaking into the air everyone you love breathes. Your world is slowly being torn apart by just one cigarette, the empire you’ve built for yourself, your home your family, your job is all  burning down at your finger tips and whats left is the smoke leaving your breath.

Just think about it why should you quit? There’s many reason for why you should quit and its a dog eat dog world and all you’re doing is chocking on that cigarette.

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