Letting Go Quitting Smoking

He tried to quit, he tried many times.

Its not easy I know because I’ve been there. I can’t tell you its going to be easy to quit smoking but I can tell you, you can do it. When I was a child I never Knew exactly why anyone would smoked cigarettes. My grandma always told me they were bad for you and to never do it because I could get very sick and I couldn’t see why anyone would want to get sick. I told myself I will never smoke or do drugs, ever. ..

Life happenes I guess, so much changes when you grow up. When you’re 8 you want to be 12 and then 16 then 18 and 21. I’m not sure why I ever wanted to grow up I wish I could go back, I know my grandma always told me to stop trying to grow up so quickly, she was right. Let’s think for a minute…

What if you could go back in time, and rewrite your story? What if you could tell you dumb adolescent self that time is precious, to put the cigarette down, lets think on now, what if your future self could come back and tell you, to please quit smoking… What if your future self, has no choice but to quit…. you cant change your past and you cant now for sure what your future holds, but you have complete control of  you right now. You cant change your past but thats why the review mirror of a car is so much smaller then the winshield, because where your going is more important then what you left behind. If you quit smoking, you could forever change your life, others lives and the world. Being the author of quitting smoking is only a small chapter in your life, put a death to the drug not a death to you. You are powerful, you hold the keys. What helped me decide to quit-

The love for my family, and the love of life and cherished moments.

The hope for a better future, and an end to a past of regrets.

The being grateful, i have been blessed to  breath and experience life, instead of being destructive, i wanted more, i wanted more time.

Be strong my friends, you can do it. Sign up for our newsletter and dont stop trying you can do it. For tips and tricks and much more go ahead and read some more articles. Thank you.

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