Your A-Z Plans For Quitting Smoking


It is common for all of us to have a plan A, It’s smart to have a plan B and C, But it is outright brilliant to have a plan from A all the way to Z. Genius I know. Let us get started; Here is an example of a plan A-Z quit smoking plan(s):

A- Cold turkey: This is where most all smokers first and failed attempt to quit smoking begins. There is very few who have accomplished success through this technique, but unfortunately not all of us are as capable, no worries we have the rest of the alphabet to go.

B- The good ole’  fashioned Nicorette Gum: Trying the gum has a better shot than plan A but it can still be a bit tricky, If you’re a smoker who enjoys the oral fixation from smoking cigarettes then this could possibly be your ending point.

C- The nicotine patch: The nicotine patch is a very effective alternative to quitting smoking. I have read its reviews and testimonials and many have tried and succeeded, and well quite a few have failed. It all truly boils down to who you are as a person and what works for, YOU!

D- Natural remedies: When I hear the word natural I jump on it. I will be one to say that the safest and highly effective way of quitting smoking is the all natural remedies. With natural remedies it’s a win win situation, you get the benefits of quitting cigarettes and there are other healing attributes prolonged with being natural. The downside is there are not many reports of people being able to quit using natural remedies but there also is not many people who know about them.

E- Hypnosis: With hypnosis it’s a mind over madder deal, you have to really study how it works, find the hypnosis, be fully prepared to say goodbye to cigarettes, and you have to truly believe it works. If you do your research or give it the time, it has been told to work on numerous patients. Hey it’s worth a shot.

F- Cut back cigarette intake: So yeah, we have all heard of cutting back and how most of the time it simply does not work, well for some it has. So take yourself out of any of the chosen categories when it comes to percentages, who knows you could be one of the fewer who can quit using this tip.

G- Go to a therapist: I mean honestly what’s the worst that could happen, a therapist isn’t just for people with mental problems. It’s for everyone because everyone has issues in life, no one is perfect and they are here to help and guide you. If you smoke cigarettes from a result of having anxiety, they can help with that. Take a chance with something that could become useful for yourself, rather then never taking a chance and wondering later down the road when smoking cigarettes takes it toll on you.

H- E-CIGS: The e-cigarette has been proven to help people quit smoking over all the other alternatives to quitting. There is so many sites you can order them offline, the industry i growing and there is a very likely chance you have a vape store around the corner in your town. Go check them out.

Anyways there is an example of an A-Z quit smoking plan (s), The main objective is to never give up trying. The true failure is not giving yourself enough chances, you never know how far you will have to go, sometimes it;s that one more time and other times it can be a few more. Be patient and believe in yourself and you will soon be able to quit smoking.

Good luck!

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